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Master of Ceremonies


You will become the caster, host and mc of gaming events.


  • Delivering the welcoming address
  • Introducing special guests and other speakers
  • Moving the event programme forward
  • Fully in the running order of the show versed Know the approximate times of each element of the event components


  • Able to handle provocative situations and make sure the event programme continues to move forward
  • Portraying the client’s product or the event itself in a professional and well organised way.
  • Understand the running order, component times and memorise most of the script
  • Be on time and appear highly presentable
  • Be acquainted with the guests and understand what is required of them in terms of their participation
  • Be professional, courteous and always prepared for the unexpected to occur


  • Experience in performance, acting or modeling
  • Taken a course on excellent public presentation like the “Toastmasters” training programme


  • Highly confident at public speaking
  • Understand how to handle a microphone and have an understanding of PA systems
  • A skilled motivator of guests Able to make adaptations on the fly
  • Able to memorise the running order of the show or event, which can be long and highly complex
  • Have a capacity to be professional at all times
  • ​Manage schedule to be on time and carry oneself in a very presentable and amicable way


We are seeking an Entertainment Producer, the Guidelines & Requirements will be as stated below. (Applicants may possess any, some or all of these qualities and experience.) 

Core Skills 

  • Excellent Writing Ability 
  • Organizational Skills to keep everything on Schedule 
  • Creative ability involving production of sets scripts cast and all other aspects of production 
  • Capable of running production equipment and cameras if needed. 
  • Effective Communicator 
  • Manage entire production from initial concept, development to final production. 

Core Qualities 

  • Strong Physical and Mental ability to work long hours on a regular basis 
  • Leadership ability to lead and steer everyone towards a common direction 
  • Professional and Personable nature to easily work well with managers, actors, film crew and all related staff. 
  • Creative Visionary 


  • Produced:  Live/Reality/Variety Shows - Movies - Sitcoms - Concerts - Events - Television Dramas/Series 
  • ​Overseeing of project from beginning to the end.
  • Ensuring meeting of all deadlines.
  • Hiring cast and film crew for each project
  • Working carefully with and within the allocated budgets for the project.
  • Assisted with camera and sound crew during live and post production.
  • Met with financial supporters and executives to ensure project does not run into budget issues.
  • Produced for Local markets
  • Produced for International markets 

The applicant should also provide the following for our assessment: 

  • Any Notable Achievements 
  • Their Professional History 
  • Years of experience in the industry 

Aspiring Talents are also welcome to apply

Executive Digital Marketing Manager 
for Digital Sports Entertainment 

We are looking for someone who enjoys strategizing and implementing global marketing and promotional campaigns. 
This is a great opportunity to spearhead and handle marketing campaigns for a brand new form of sports entertainment series that the world has never seen, working with a talented and ambitious director and production team. 

The Role 

  • The Marketing Executive of Sports Entertainment will play a key role in strategizing, executing and managing marketing campaigns for the content produced. 
  • Is able to effectively communicate different facets of their campaigns to executives, filmmakers, talent and talent representatives. 
  • Understands the essence of what connects consumers to entertainment brands and how to translate that connection into campaigns that create a passionate following. 
  • Is adept at writing creative briefs to guide the marketing creative process and align internal marketing teams on goals and strategies 
  • Understanding of the various channels (publicity, social, etc.) that lead to a successful marketing campaign is critical. 
  • Entertainment experience is required. ​


  • Work closely with internal teams to drive information gathering and data analysis efforts to drive campaign optimization and future enhancement of media plans. 
  • Manage day-to-day plan execution and work alongside creative teams to ensure creative is well aligned to strategy. 

The successful candidate possesses: 

  1. Entertainment marketing experience either at a creative agency, network/studio marketing team, or network on-air department working on multiple film and/or tv launch campaigns 
  2. Excellent creative taste and have a profound love for games. 
  3. A serious distaste for “chart boosting”, “adbuying” and “CPI/CPM” advertising strategies. Retention feedback without a solution strategy. Candidates who are thinking to use these methods need not apply. 
  4. Must be willing to constantly learn and grow with an open mind and be in it for the long haul. 

    ( Interested applicants may send their CVs to Zeus@sparkjumpers.com )