Seasons Greetings!

December 22, 2016 0

EndGods has been through enormous and serious change this past year. We started strong and ambitiously held our biggest tournament ever back in May. We learned a great deal from the challenges we faced in order to take EndGods to the next level that was eSports.

That aside, we had a fundamental shift of focus after the League of Gods Tournament. For the next half of the year, we worked towards improving the player experience by refining the game and adding new features. This was and still is an ongoing effort by everyone in the EndGods Development Team. Unfortunately the transition wasn't as smooth as we wanted and many technical issues came up within the game. 

We would like to sincerely apologize for the technical errors and bugs that players have constantly faced while playing the game, especially during PVP matches where bugs would cause players to lose the match. We understand that this is incredibly frustrating and simply out of your control. The team is constantly on the lookout to fix any bugs we can. We ask for our players continued understanding and patience while we work towards a much better gaming experience for everyone.

There is much, much more that we have to offer in 2017 in terms of content, gameplay and exciting tournaments as we have the League of Gods 3 happening next year.

So enjoy what's left of 2016, do some world pvp, eat delicious food. You'll definitely be seeing more of EndGods in 2017!

Happy holidays everyone!!!

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