Medusa II Hero Reveal

January 05, 2017 0


We're welcoming 2017 with more content and c'mon who doesn't like more heroes?
For those that don't remember, the teaser for Medusa II was released some time ago here:

Medusa II is an evolution of the original Medusa which is has been in our game for the longest of time, since the first days of EndGods!

But just how different is this upgraded Medusa one might ask? Well her core ability has not changed at all! Medusa II is still very capable of turning enemies into stone, but what happens after?

Let's take a look at her ability, “Ancient Petrify

“Summons a stone statue, enemies that enter its radius will be turned to stone before the statue disappears. Enemies affected are unable to move or perform any actions and can be attacked by both sides until death. The stone statue will only spawn again once all petrified units are destroyed.”

So now Medusa II can turn groups of clumped enemies into stone via her statue in front of her, increasing the effective range of her ability.

The big game changer is that these enemies who have been turned to stone will be attacked by their allies as well! Or at least they used to be on the same team. I guess when you turn to stone, that all changes.

This increased damage taken will surely end their short lives quickly and allow Medusa II to spawn yet another statue to find more victims to turn to stone.

Using Medusa II when the situation is right can really change the outlook of your game. When there are loads of enemy forces trying to close in on your artefact and they are all stacked together in a small area, turning them into stone will create a temporary barrier (made from their own units) that the enemy will have to plow through in order to advance, this will buy you the time required to regain mana and bolster your forces when cornered.

Expect to see Medusa II in-game in the coming weeks ahead. We will be announcing her arrival in a patch so look out for it! :)

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