Live Chat and Social Platform Closure

February 07, 2017 0

We would like to wholeheartedly thank all our players that have given us important and valuable feedback
through our in-game live chat and social platforms including the EndGods Sanctuary.

The Live-Chat system and EndGods Sanctuary on Facebook has been with us and many players for a very long time.
We have learned a great deal from our community of players who have taken the time to voice out their troubles and
concerns with us and shared their joys and triumphs.

The In-game Live-chat system and EndGods Sanctuary Facebook group will close at the end of the week on
10 February 2017.

However, we have decided on a new direction for our in-game customer service, a new system that will benefit
both players and us greatly. 

In place, there will be a ticket system where players will send us feedback first. They will receive a response possibly
via in-game mail once we can provide an answer that is more informed and concise.

We felt that while having an in-game live chat allowed us to get in-touch with our players faster, the quality of our
immediate responses were lacking in substance and did not fully satisfy some of the more complex issues faced by our players.

To focus on delivering a quality response and service to our players, we have adopted this delayed response system
that will allow us to process feedback with more time and attention. 

We thank all players for their continued support and patience, EndGods is only just getting started with our fresh new revolution in 2017.

Please check our main website for all the latest updates on content and patches.

Send us your feedback, inquiries and concerns at:



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