Hero Reveal & Developer Notes

December 30, 2016 0

The time of reckoning has come
The innocent shall be preyed upon no longer. 
Instead, our enemies will become the hunted.

Birds of Prey, Arise!
Descend upon our foes with righteous vengeance.
We will stand our ground in the skies above 
No evil can ever hope to surround us
May our wings guide our cause
That justice be met on the battlefields

They will heed our warnings
Lest they face our swift retribution
We are Valkyries of the light.
Pierce through the darkness
and create hope for our people.
Evil shall not be allowed freedom on our watch.

We are excited to reveal a brand new hero coming to EndGods! As you can tell from the artwork and introduction, she's going to be a badass! 

Hilda is a hero that will surely shake things up like never before and we'll be sharing with players her mechanics, abilities and our intentions for her.

Summoning Hilda will place her at the start of your lane for her entire duration, she does not move forward.

Hilda has 2 abilities that work very closely with each other. “Ensnare the Wicked” is an ability that stuns her enemies. When summoned, she lays 2 traps at both ends of the lane she's on. The first enemy that walks into each trap will be stunned.

“Execute the Lawless” is Hilda's offensive ability that will be triggered when a unit is caught in her trap, she will fire a beam that deals damage to the trapped unit. Traps will spawn at the same location again after a cooldown and if Hilda is still on the battlefield.

Hilda has a very unique mechanic that doubles as both offense and defense where it matters most, the area closest to the artefacts. 

Her ability to stun is invaluable, placing her at the right time when you're anticipating a certain enemy hero is certainly a game changer. Playing Hilda correctly can prevent the enemy from getting their key heroes across to your artefact. 

It can also stop and take out key enemy heroes as you try to gain ground and attack their artefact. She will be able to damage very far targets as long as they are caught in her trap.

The possible ways to play her will truly be something to look forward to once she's available in-game. 

Tell us what you think of Hilda!


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