February 01, 2017 0

One of the latest additions to the EndGods Hell hero lineup in 2017 is none other than Poseidon.
A teaser was revealed for him back in December 2016 HERE

It's time to finally reveal what Poseidon can really do as his official debut in EndGods draws closer and closer.

Poseidon is a utility hero, yes the great ocean king and father of the cyclopian race is actually quite helpful in battle
and instead of expecting him to drown his enemies, we've gone with an interesting approach for his core ability.
You'll definitely want him for certain deck setups.

Poseidon's core ability is "Wave Surge" and as its name suggests, a wave will quickly push friendly units forward a short distance.
Multiple heroes can be affected by this ability, making it very strong for pushing a lane quickly,
helping your own heroes break past enemy lines or speed up slower moving heroes.

This ability only pushes friendly heroes that are within Poseidon's range and only on the lane he is placed on.
The cooldown is relatively short so Poseidon will probably be able to push a bunch of units before he gets taken out by enemies. 

Wave Surge is incredible for offense, it allows your heroes to get past strong defenses and you can give
slower heroes that much needed boost to get to the enemy artefact faster. 

Due to the mechanics of this ability, it is not as great for defense since it pushes your units forward,
allowing the enemy to get closer to your artefact unhindered.

Poseidon will have a moderate amount of health so he will be able to take some hits before going down.

Please look forward to Poseidon, we absolutely cannot wait to see what strategies players will be able to pull off with him!


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