Global Chat Closure

February 22, 2017 1

This is similarly in line with our common goal of creating a more useful, reliable way for players to voice their feedback to us so that we can give them a valuable reply or solution after giving us time to fully explore the issue.

Players often voice their concerns on Global Chat at any point in time and we are unable to provide a proper response using that channel, however we also don't want players to feel like their concerns are unheard or ignored.

We will be removing Global Chat by this Friday 24 February. Players will be redirected to send us an email regarding their issues. This is how we'll be providing better service to our players as we work on improving the Global Chat Feature.

Once again we would like to thank all players for their continued support, patience and understanding while EndGods is going through some major changes, there will be more to come and we will update everyone and it will most certainly be announced here on the main website.


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