Complete Patch Notes for 3.21.1

January 16, 2017 0

Server Maintenance

Game Servers will go down from 2pm – 6pm (GMT+8) for the patch update on 17 January.

World PVP

- The current World PVP season ends on Wednesday 18 January and will start again on 19 January.

- 2 New heroes, Hilda & Medusa II have joined the Conflict. They will be the prizes for the new World PVP season happening on 19 January. They cannot be purchased for now but will be available in the League of Gods from 17 January onwards.

User Interface

-  The League of Gods rules have been updated with a snazzy new infographic to help fellow players understand the tournament mechanics better.

- Changed portrait frames for the top 3 players in LOG leaderboard and world PVP leaderboard.
- Fixed the issue with the world pvp leaderboard not sorting players correctly.
- Fixed the unlock condition for some heroes, they were displaying incorrect info.
- Fixed the issue when going from skin info display to hero info display for Estelle 2.

Hero Progression
- Tengu and Revenant will now be unlocked at level 5 instead of 3

- Updated Dragon King's look in the shop, he is much shinier and 100% more badass.

Heaven and Hell have finally unveiled their latest heroes ready to fight for their cause. Meet the 2 extremely versatile women that have just joined in the fray.

[New Hero] Hilda
- Health Points: 1000
- Mana Cost: 20
- Cooldown: 20s
- Movement Speed: 0 (Stationary)
- Unable to deal Siege Damage to Artefacts

Ability: Ensnare the Wicked
Places a magic trap each at both ends of the lane she is summoned on, stunning the first enemy that walks into each trap. Trap cooldown only begins when the trapped enemy dies.

Ability: Execute the Lawless
Deals single target damage to enemies trapped by Ensnare the Wicked.


[New Hero] Medusa II
- Health Points: 900
- Mana Cost: 15
- Cooldown: 20s
- Movement Speed: 5 (Slow)
- Deals 10 Siege Damage to Artefacts per hit

Ability: Ancient Petrify
Summons a stone statue. Enemies that enter its radius will be turned to stone before the statue disappears. Enemies affected are unable to move or perform any actions and can be attacked by both sides until death. The stone statue will only spawn again when all petrified units are destroyed.

- Changed its ability type to "Unblockable", it should now properly damage all heroes.

Rising Breaker I & II/Pegasus I & II
- Is now properly immune to physical attacks while flying.
- No longer immune to physical attacks while attacking Artefacts.


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