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February 27, 2017 0

We're making some really big changes to the way EndGods is going to be played in the coming months ahead and into the further future. These changes are fundamental in nature and will change the way players will progressively pick up new heroes into their battle arsenal.

The current hero selection that has been a core component of EndGods is the Hero level system. All heroes start as level 1 then they can then be further upgraded into more powerful versions of themselves which are the level 2 Heroes you see in-game.

The direction that we had for the game was that heroes would be upgradeable to provide more power on the battlefield, in various ways. Some heroes have completely different abilities when they're upgraded to level 2. This worked to provide progression for players, to upgrade their heroes. 

We wanted to make cool heroes with cool abilities but we also had to think about how to create 2 levels of essentially the same hero not just from a gameplay perspective but also from a visual design standpoint. 

Do we make a less powerful version of the hero for level 1? How do we make sure that the level 2 hero is always better? Should they just deal more damage? How do we make them different? What new stories will they have? How will they look more powerful?

Many questions involving visual direction, balance and purpose came to mind while designing new heroes. What we came to realise was that this level system was actually limiting us in our creative vision for our heroes. This affected the Combo system as well since it also has 2 levels. It began to feel like we were creating 2 versions for the sake of consistency.

What we will be doing for new heroes in the future is that they will have only 1 level, in the direction and intent that we want them to be designed. 

But that's not all, we will also be retroactively introducing this change to our old heroes too. The level 1 and 2 of certain Heroes will be split and become unique heroes of their own if they possess distinctly different mechanics. Other heroes may be condensed to have just 1 level.

This fundamental change frees up players from having to upgrade heroes to get to their most powerful version. The current system also suggests that non-upgraded heroes are simply not good enough, every Hero will now be good enough and viable. On our end, we will be able to design and balance heroes with a clear direction, not having to create either a watered down or overpowered version of them.

We will also be introducing brand new hero combos with all of these new heroes coming your way. Look out for patch 3.22 that will be coming your way tomorrow, Tuesday 28 February. 3.22 Patch notes will be released tomorrow prior to the update.

Patch 3.22 Notes

Patch 3.22 – Heroes Reborn -
We have some extremely huge changes concerning heroes this time around. The Level system for heroes has been abolished (eg. Red Boy I & II). All heroes no longer have multiple levels and will exist as their own unique hero. If players are wondering about the heroes remaining, they will be tuned and balanced accordingly to be viable and competitive. Hero names have also been condensed respectively, for example, Red Boy II will now be known as just Red Boy.

Heroes & Combos
Due to the redesigned Hero System, a number of heroes have been removed from the game with more to follow. However, some new Heroes will appear in their place in the future, taking on the main concept/mechanic of a removed hero.
Our philosophy for removing heroes will be those that share almost identical skills and mechanics that were just tuned to be more powerful versions of themselves. Players who have previously owned each of these Heroes will be compensated 50 Crystals each.

Nezha has joined the endless conflict, siding with the forces of Heaven. He is a new hero that replaces Red Boy.
Red Boy has been removed.
Tengu II has been removed from the game.
Dryad II has been removed from the game.
Momotaro II has been removed from the game.
Guan Yin has been removed from the game.
Helsing II has been removed from the game.
[Combo] Peach Bomber II has been removed from the game.

User Interface
A number of improvements have been made to different parts of the game including,
Portraits, account, main page, heaven, settings, faction select, hero select, in game, skins.

Hero Balance Change List

[Rework] Dragon King

- Health 1100
- Mana 30
- Cooldown 30
- Movement Speed 0 (Stationary)

Normal Attack
- Melee Damage 80/hit, Physical
- Melee Attack Speed (Fast)
- No more knockback effect

Skill: Rising Dragon
- Skill Cooldown reduced from 60s to 20s
- Single Lane damage increased from 80/hit to 200/hit
- Stun 3s, Knockback
- Skill range reduced from 9999 to 40

Skill: Dragon Guardian
- Protects artefact from damage using his own health

Guan Yin [Revamp]

- Hero Cooldown increased from 50 seconds to 90 seconds
Skill: Enlightenment
-  On use, both players Mana will be reduced to 0
- Mana Regen over time 15/secs
- Mana Regen over time duration will last until mana pool reaches 100.
- Guan Yin leaves the battlefield when mana pool reaches 100.

Nezha (originally Red Boy)
- Health increased from 640 to 1000
- Mana Cost reduced from 20 to 15
- Melee Damage increased from 13/hit to 70/hit, Physical
Skill: Flame Wheel
- Damage increased from 60 to 250

[Combo] Peach Bomber 1
---- Skill -----
- Damage increased from 20 to 400 damage

[Combo] Toxic Toad 1 & 2 [Revamp]
---- Skill -----
- Damage type has been changed from Physical to Magical



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