Zhu Ba Jie II

Zhu Ba Jie had come across a bounty contract to solve a residential problem. An unknown creature was prowling around a renowned estate not far from the village center. To his surprise, the contract owner was a fair maiden. Zhu ba Jie immediately accepted the offer and waited till night for it to show. The creature turned out to be a Dire Werewolf, but it was still beaten by the skillful Zhu Ba Jie and fled, never to return again. The fair maiden thanked him and revealed her true form, three magical pigs to be precise, sent by the Gods much to Zhu Ba Jie's surprise and dismay. The pigs said that they knew it was the only way Zhu Ba Jie would take the job but they were impressed by his courage and fighting skill. The pigs would now follow Zhu Ba Jie on his travels, granting him more powers to aid him in the mortal world. Someday he might prove himself worthy to return to his original self.