Ogre II

The endless conflict drove Ogre back into the woods, he grew dreary of the constant battles and was now in search of peace. While looking for a quiet area to settle, he stumbled upon a beautiful glade. Birds of colour and magic flew around with grace and ease. They were enchanted, blessed by the natural spirits. The birds revealed that some vile humans had captured some of their kind and that it would not be the last time. Ogre promised that not a single bird more would be taken from the glade for anyone that tried would be rightly thumped on their heads with his mighty log. Surely enough, the humans returned one night but they were sorely unprepared for the great Ogre, protector of the glade. Many of them flew across the sky that night, accompanied by their horrible shrills and screams. Why were they trying to be like the birds? The enchanted glade is now home to the Ogre and the enchanted birds under his protection.