Loki II

Loki made a deal with the Frost Giants to get information on Freyja. He would have to taint his blade with the blood of Asgardians. Loki initially refused this but changed his mind when the Frost Giants claimed that the King of Asgard, Odin, knew where Freyja was. In his rage, Loki believed their lie and went back to Asgard demanding to see Odin. He was met with resistance from the Asgardian Guards. Odin ordered them to capture and imprison Loki as he was out of control. Loki resisted, attacking the guards only to barely escape, he now had Asgardian blood on his hands. Loki went back to the Frost Giants, they told him that his tainted dagger would evolve into something greater and thirst for even more blood. They enchanted his other dagger with their Frost Magic to balance the power he held in both hands. The Frost Giants then concocted an even bigger lie, that Freyja was locked up deep within Asgard and the only way to save her, was the destruction of the Heaven forces and Asgard.