Wing Commander of the Valkyries, Hilda leads the Birds of Prey into the thicket of battle.  The mistress of the sky swiftly descends upon her enemies. Unseen and unheard, she releases a barrage of immense firepower from her Sentinel Armour. The sky lights up like a fireworks display as enemies are engulfed in fiery explosions. Tasked with the safeguarding of Asgard, Hilda answers only to Odin, her mentor and savior. Rescued as a child from a cursed destiny, she was then raised by Odin in the magnificent kingdom and grew up a fine lady and even finer warrior.  Her very presence inspires the Valkyries. All doubts and fears are cast aside as the Birds of Prey skillfully entrap their enemies for Hilda to become their judge, jury and executioner.