HEROES: ONYX GO-B, ZOMBIE 2, JIANG SHI 2, LEVIATHAN, ARAXXIA 2, MISFORTUNE GOD, IMP 2, GOBLIN 2 STRENGTH - High Damage - Easily prevents opponents from building up their forces WEAKNESS - Lack of high health tank units, relies on Imp 2 to deal siege damage - No units that can stun, possess etc, lack of crowd control - Weak against beasts (You may experience trouble against beasts, slows do not work on them and focusing the beast down would allow your opponent to buy some time.) Victory Concept The main idea of this deck is to rush the opponent with imp2 that can deal massive siege damage when an opportunity arises. At other times, play more defensively and try to ward off their attacks.   STRATEGY Goblin 2 is your main offensive and defensive unit that deals very high damage to heroes in an area. Place him in the middle lane to allow you to take out tower minions coming from top and bottom lanes. Place misfortune god either on the top or bottom lanes, doing this will divert attention away from your main forces if they are in the middle lanes. The enemy will have to split his forces if he wants to attack your Fortune God A recommended strategy is to summon Araxxia II shortly after sending out Goblin II, she will help slow down the enemy before they can get close to Goblin II, allowing him to take them out. Summon Leviathan and then Imp 2, Players can hide the Imps from Imp 2 using Leviathan's Lava ability until its too late. Using Imp 2 together with leviathan or toxic toad II will give you the greatest chance of dealing massive damage to your opponent's health as they clear the lanes for your imps to walk freely into the enemy's base. COMMON MISTAKES Try not to use Toxic Toad and Leviathan at the same time as they both do the same thing, it would be a waste. BONUS TIPS When Toxic Toad II is on its very long cooldown, remember that you can still use zombie and jiangshi while waiting for the cooldown to be over.